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Since the first mention of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2016,
Small and medium-sized companies have begun to pay more attention to the ERP system.
Software-dominated world!
4 billion people are connecting to the Internet and real-time communication!
As the world paradigm shifts, companies are demanding new changes.
Companies that can not adapt to this new change are disappearing.
Many companies stand at the crossroads.
Will it disappear or survive in the wave of new industrial revolution?
The answer will be whether the enterprise has succeeded in building ERP.
Unfortunately, at present most companies are using the wrong ERP system,
It is a reality that we do not understand ERP system itself.
ERPxMIS has 30 years of experience.
ERPxMIS regularly trains the true ERP system.

ERP Seminar
IT knowledge of dry cleaners' Website & ERP
ERPxMIS makes laundry web site and ERP building seminars at the request of the laundry. The company you attend will build the website free of charge.